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Dark Evenings - Why LED Collars are a good idea.

23 September 2016

Dark Evenings - Why LED Collars are a good idea.

Fall is here and the evenings are getting darker.  When out with your Dog for a walk or your cat is out you want them to be seen and safe.  

There are a many important reasons for owners to make a cheap investment and use pulsing, flashing or steady LED cat or dog safety light collars.  



 10 Reasons to use an LED Collar

  1. Be SEEN and VISIBLE with those early morning and dark evening walks. 

  2. Flashing Ultra Bright LED ensures drivers, even cyclists get a signal you and your pet is there.

  3. LED will light up the ground directly around your dog, allowing them to having a chance of avoiding obstacles or hazards in the dark.

  4. Crossing a road - drivers have an improved chance in noticing dog and owner.

  5. Dogs with darker fur - LED collars makes it easier to see them in the dark.

  6. Running with your dog, you get noticed, keeping you safer.

  7. Kids taking the dog for a walk, keep them both safe and seen.

  8. Dogs can bolt off, helps owner see where they are and how far away.

  9. Pet gone wondering or lost in the evening, more likely to be found and with Pet TouchiD built in collar ID, your loved one will get home faster.

  10. Spot and see where your dog or cat is in your back yard during those dark evenings 



Overall safety of Dog, Cat and Owner is greatly improved with LED's that flash and prove to get attention of people, whether they are walking down the street in front of you to the driver in their car on the road no paying full attention. 

What about LED pendant you could attach to your pet collar?  A collar is highly more effective in avoiding those plastic LED pendants break off.  Integrated LED into the collar is the way to go.  In addition with Pet TouchiD collars they all come standard with metal secure buckles.  


Pet TouchiD Smart Wearable ID LED Collar 

Our Pet safety during the dark is critical as risk of loss or injury is greatly increased.  Pet TouchiD Ultra Bright Premium LED collars offer these advanced features over other standard LED collars:


  • LED - Ultra Bright LED's providing the Highest Visibility for you dog, with 3 different modes to change from steady, rapid flashing or slow flashing.
  • BUILT-IN WEARABLE Dog ID Tag - comes with our Smart Cloud Connected Identity Tag on the buckle, automatically comes with Free online pet profile webpage.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Durable, Fully adjustable, Quick Release Metal Buckle, Stainless Steel D-Ring and Secured switch and USB enclosure.
  • USB - Rechargeable battery using USB cable (capable included), rapid 1 hour charge and excellent battery life performance.
  • WARRANTY - Covered Satisfaction and Product GUARANTEE Policy 


Improve you, your family and most of all your pets overall safety, giving cars and people a chance to see you and your dog with a Pet TouchiD LED collar!

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