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Harnesses for better Dog Walking

11 October 2016

Harnesses for better Dog Walking

Selecting a collar or harness for dog walking is generally based on the owner and your dog's needs and requirements.  Its worth considering the alternative to a collar, the pro's of why and what a harness can be a useful for.  Do you have a dog that won't stop pulling?  Do you need more control during those walks?

What are the Harness Pros:


  • An effective training tool, ideal for puppies.
  • Good for dogs like pugs, to avoid their eyeballs protruding out their sockets due to too much pressure around their neck from a collar.
  • They provide better control over your dog, especially if they are easily distracted.
  • Discourages pulling and jumping, when a dog pulls with a collar it knows it will move forward.  A harness however generally doesn't have this effect other than lifting its front legs.  Your dog will learn that pulling then doesn't move them forward.
  • Keeps distracted puppies more focused.
  • They’re great for dogs with short noses, like Pugs.
  • Dogs with respiratory issues or any type of neck injury will benefit from a harness. Pulling on a collar will cause extra stress on your dogs windpipe which overtime could have discomfort and negative effects of pain.

Harnesses by design will not come off accidentally, unlike collars that can come loose or undone when your dog is pulling.  A harness goes around the front and mid section of the body, so pulling will not be an issue. 

Harnesses add additional comfort for your dog that collars by default don't when out walking with their leash on.

Pet TouchiD harnesses 

Check out our range of Truelove premium dog harnesses that have the following features:

  • Stylish, Durable, Scratch-Resistant oxford material outer layer. Lightweight Duraflex Buckle with large loading capacity which greatly improves tensile strength.
  • Ergonomic Design ensures Ease of Use putting on and taking off Harness. Comfortable Lightweight Mesh Lining with Soft Sponge Padding in chest and belly.
  • To Adjust Straps: Push then Pull Straps through "Truelove" Buckle for Custom Fitting. Two Leash Attachment Points: Zinc-alloy D-ring on dog's back and webbing with Zinc-alloy O-ring on dog's chest.
  • Safety Features include Nylon Webbing with 3M Reflective material for Good Visibility at night and Sturdy Handle for Easy Seat Belt Attachment while riding in your car.


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