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Blue Paw, PetTouchID Smart Pet ID Tag, QR Code, NFC, Web, GPS Enabled

Smart Pet ID Tag, QR Code, Online Pet Page, Scanned GPS Location (Blue Paw)

The modern Pet Identity Tag.  Locate your pet faster with a cloud connected tag.  This Smart connected Pet ID tag is highly more effective in finding your lost pet sooner than traditional tags.


Features include:

  • Free online pet profile webpage (secured in the cloud)
  • When tag scanned, the GPS location is recorded.
  • Dedicated QR code for access to pet details
  • Automatic tag scanned notifications via email with Google Map
  • Custom privacy settings
  • Unlimited pet information - Vaccinations/Microchip ID...
  • Report pet lost feature
  • No App required
  • No Subscription costs


Tag Design: 

  • Blue with paw/heart image
  • Back of tag is white with QR Code
  • Stainless Steel with Hard epoxy coating
  • Size: Round 30mm diameter
  • Fittings: 20mm keyring
  • Waterproof 


Access Pet & Owner with any smartphone: 

  • Online Cloud pet profile Website
  • Scan QR Tag
  • Unique short website address to own pet page
  • No Vet visit to scan your pet microchip

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