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SET of 2 - Smart Pet ID Tag, QR Code, NFC (Paws)

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Set of 2 - Smart Contactless ID Tag - Online Pet Page, QR Code, Scanned GPS location

The modern Pet Identity Tag.  Locate your pet faster with a cloud connected tag. This Smart connected Pet ID tag is highly more effective in finding your lost pet sooner than traditional tags.


Features include:

  • Free online pet profile webpage (secured in the cloud)
  • When tag scanned, the GPS location is recorded.
  • NFC (near field communication) for NFC tap enabled phones
  • Dedicated QR code for access to pet details
  • Automatic tag scanned notifications via email with Google Map
  • Custom privacy settings
  • Unlimited pet information - Vaccinations/Microchip ID...
  • Report pet lost feature
  • No App required
  • No Subscription costs


Tag Design: 

  • PAWS impression cast
  • Selection of colored backgrounds on the front
  • Back of tag is white with QR Code
  • High Quality, robust tag with polished zinc alloy surround
  • Size: Round 30mm diameter
  • Fittings: 20mm keyring
  • Enamel protective coating
  • Waterproof
  • NFC Chip Embedded


Access Pet & Owner with any smartphone: 

  • Online Cloud pet profile Website
  • Scan QR Tag
  • Contactless NFC Tap of the Tag
  • Unique short website address to own pet page
  • No Vet visit to scan your pet microchip

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