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Smart ID tag for smart pet owners.

WHY is it better:

  • Locate your pet faster, automatic notifications when tag is scanned
  • 3 ways for finder to get pet and owner details
  • Update details anytime, no need to purchase new tag
  • Unlimited pet information stored securely in the cloud
  • Report lost pet features
  • No App required
  • No Vet visit to scan your microchip
  • Tag is more robust than engraved tags

HOW it works:

  1. Someone finds your lost pet and uses smartphone to QR scan or NFC tap or open the unique owner website on the tag.
  2. SMART TAG - when tag scanned tag, the GPS location recorded and owner notification sent with google map.
  3. Mark pet as lost and offer reward


WHAT you get:

  • Cost of the tag you get the service with it free.
  • No subscription costs
  • Good looking tag selection that look like normal tags
  • Peace of mind that you have the best modern way to ensure your pet can be identified and you the owner always contactable.
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